Front Camber Adjustment Bolt (MR333559)

Front Camber Adjustment Bolt (MR333559)
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Genuine Mitsubishi Front Camber Adjustment Bolt

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2000-2012 Eclipse with 2.4L

2000-2012 Eclipse Spyder with 2.4L

2006-2012 Eclipse with 3.8L

2006-2012 Eclipse Spyder with 3.8L

2000-2005 Eclipse with 3.0L

2000-2005 Eclipse Spyder with 3.0L

2004-2011 Endeavor with 3.8L

1999-2012 Galant with 2.4L

2004-2009 Galant with 3.8L

1999-2003 Galant with 3.0L

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