Oil Drain Plug (MD050316)

Oil Drain Plug (MD050316)
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Genuine Mitsubishi Oil Pan Drain Plug



1989-2002 Mirage with 1.5L

1989 Mirage with 1.6L

1991-1992 Mirage with 1.6L

1993-2002 Mirage with 1.8L

2002-2007 Lancer with 2.0L

2004-2006 Lancer with 2.4L

2004 Lancer Sportback with 2.4L

2006 Lancer Sportback with 2.4L

2003-2006 Lancer Evolution with 2.0L Turbo

2003-2006 Outlander with 2.4L

2008-2012 Outlander with 2.4L

2007-2012 Outlander with 3.0L

2010-2011 Lancer Sportback Ralliart with 2.0L Turbo

2010-2012 Lancer Sportback with 2.0L

2010-2012 Lancer Sportback with 2.4L

1989-1994 Eclipse with 1.8L

1989-1994 Eclipse with 2.0L

1995-1999 Eclipse with 2.0L Turbo

1996-1999 Eclipse Spyder with 2.0L Turbo

1996-1999 Eclipse Spyder with 2.4L

2000-2003 Eclipse with 2.4L

2000-2003 Eclipse with 3.0L

2006-2012 Eclipse with 3.8L

2006-2012 Eclipse Spyder with 2.4L

2006-2012 Eclipse Spyder with 3.8L

2006-2012 Eclipse with 2.4L

2004-2011 Endeavor with 3.8L

2004-2012 Galant with 2.4L

2004-2009 Galant with 3.8L

1989-1993 Galant with 2.0L

1994-1998 Galant with 2.4L

2000-2003 Galant with 2.4L

2000-2003 Galant with 3.0L

1992-1996 Diamante with 3.0L

2011-2012 Outlander Sport with 2.0L

1997-1999 Montero Sport with 2.4L

1997-2003 Montero Sport with 3.0L

1999-2005 Montero Sport wih 3.5L

1983-1989 Montero with 2.6L

1989-1991 Montero with 3.0L

1992-1996 Montero with 3.0L

1994-2002 Montero with 3.5L

2003-2006 Montero with 3.8L

1992-1995 Expo LRV 1.8L

1993-1995 Expo LRV 2.4L

1992-1995 Expo with 2.4L

1991-1999 3000GT with 3.0L

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